Apostolic Christian Counseling and Family Services (ACCFS) is a wholly owned agency of the Apostolic Christian Church of America that serves the mental health and relationship needs of members and friends of the church and others as resources allow. 

HarvestCall’s purpose is to enable the Apostolic Christian brotherhood to proclaim Christ and serve others beyond the capacity of the local church. Please join us as we strive to alleviate suffering and despair around the world by sharing Jesus through words of truth and deeds of compassion.

The Woodhaven Retirement Community is located on the church campus and is Livonia’s only Continuing Care Retirement Community.

Apostolic Christian LifePoints serves adults with an intellectual disability (disabilities that occur prior to age 18 and result in delays or impairments in motor skills, communication skills, self-care skills, learning skills, etc.).

Gateway Woods offers Christ-centered social services and residential facilities in northeast Indiana, including residential childcare, on-grounds schooling, foster care, adoption, home-based service and the LARC program. Our mission is to honor and obey God by providing hope and healing to troubled children and families who then may bless others.

Casa Vida y Esperanza mentors young lives with the truth, love, and hope of Jesus Christ for today and forever. This includes meeting their physical, mental, and spiritual needs through education, training, and the security and stability of a home life.

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Apostolic Christian Church of Livonia, Michigan

29575 Wentworth St. Livonia, MI 48154