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About Us:

Our Vision
A body of believers, bound together by our love for Jesus Christ and His Word, reflecting God's love, grace and truth
Our Vision reflects a functioning church body tightly bound together by God, through Jesus Christ and His Holy Spirit. This bond of love and joy strengthens our church family relationships without partiality. It speaks to a shared desire to edify one another and God's desire for grace and truth in the church. This is the vision we wish to show all nations, and our bond of love motivates everything we do individually and together.


Our Purpose

To glorify God by loving as Jesus loves
As a church body called together to reflect God's love, grace and truth we want to honor God by loving all people as Jesus loves all people. This should generate a life of glory to God and good works towards everyone, friend and enemy alike. To do so generates the desire and the ability to share the Gospel with all people and to live obedient lives. Loving Him means we will fulfill the Great Commission given to His followers and keep His commandments in honor of His love towards us.


Our Mission
  1. To present to the lost the Gospel message of salvation based on faith in the shed blood of Jesus Christ and a true repentance and conversion

  2. To teach and nurture the believers toward a sanctified life and to faithfulness by God’s grace & through His Word

  3. To preserve sound doctrine by contending for the faith

  4. To offer loving, humble deeds of service to fellow believers and all mankind in the name of Christ

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